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Levering Your Business Technology - Utilize Mobile Phones For Enhanced Productivity

September 9th, 2022 by admin

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Historically, whenever someone left the office, their phones could be rerouted to their personal cell phones. This has worked well for simply receiving calls, but business owners and their employees often loose the functionality that they would otherwise have with their office phone. For example, on your cell phone, calls cannot be transferred to other departments, you are unable to see if other staff are available, you can’t record calls as easily and you don’t have access to other key applications.

With the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces, businesses need to continue to provide support for their remote staff. The demand for remote/hybrid workplace communications solutions is particularly high and Mobile enablement is one of the solutions ITC is providing.

The whole point of mobile enablement solutions is to maintain a seamless, experience that drives easy communication and collaboration.

Seamlessly Transfer Calls to Cellphones

Whenever an employee needs to be remote, they need to be able to press a button which automatically reroutes calls to their cell phone.

Easily Collaborate With Team Members From Home

An employee also needs to be able to collaborate with other team members and with mobile enablement solutions they can see when other members are available. That means they will no longer waste time with cumbersome back and forth messages.

If you would like to discuss how to improve your hybrid and/or remote workers communication experience, please call ITC at 845-561-4440 or visit us at itc-communications.com. We would be happy to discuss your current infrastructure and help you create a plan that can enhance collaboration and ultimately lead to more profits.

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