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Leveraging Your Technology - Integrating Business Phones into Microsoft Teams

July 9th, 2022 by admin

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Microsoft Teams has become unbelievably popular communication platform in today’s business landscape. It is undeniably powerful, offering a host of applications and services which greatly enhance an organization’s ability to collaborate on projects. Organizations have been raving about the improvement of their collaborative efforts, noting an increase in efficiency.

Something’s Missing

Unfortunately, at ITC we had noticed a small, yet crucial component was missing. Without a native phone application, we felt our customers were missing out on an opportunity for even better collaboration and productivity.

For example, Teams didn’t leverage existing phone numbers, so organizations would have to add new numbers to integrate natively into the platform. Imagine telling staff they now have one phone number for customers and a separate number for Teams.

Problem Solved!

ITC has found a solution. We are now able to proactively integrate business phone systems seamlessly into Microsoft Teams. The result is that businesses throughout the Hudson Valley are now able to leverage their existing phone systems and all their favorite features (and numbers) with the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams! VoIP features such as call controls, IVR, call handling, automatic call recording, reports, analytics, call queues, SMS, and fax capabilities can now be combined with Team’s workspace chat, videoconferencing, file storage and application integration to create a more efficient and productive work environment.

ITC’s solution solves the existing phone number problem, among many others, with a single click, no hardware, no need for specialist skills, and no business disruption.

For more information about integrating your existing phone system with Microsoft Teams for increased productivity, please call ITC at 845-561-4440 or visit us at itc-communications.com.

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