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Overhead Paging

Whether you have a warehouse or a typical office environment, ITC has overhead paging solutions specifically designed to meet your needs. ITC installs paging solutions that improve productivity and personnel efficiency as well as increase employee safety and security.

Benefits include:

  • Seamless Integrations – Allow individuals access to page from their telephone instrument - full integration with on-premises and cloud-based systems.
  • Emergency Notification – Audibly notify everyone for quick evacuation.
  • Multiple Zones – Provides the ability to page only those areas where staff is located - less disruption within the working environment.
  • Auto Sensing Volume Control – The Anti-Blast feature: based on the surrounding background noise, paging volume is adjusted accordingly - great for areas where machines are intermittently running.
  • Background Music – Enhance the work environment - increase worker productivity and satisfaction.
  • Distributed Deployment – Robust, distributed communications systems that work between floors, buildings, and disparate locations.

At ITC, we provide enterprise grade end-to-end solutions designed for years of operation. Our proven experience in the implementation of overhead paging systems combined with the use of commercial grade components, enables ITC a leadership position within this marketplace.

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