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Cyber Security

We help protect your business from the very real threat of cybercrime. Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to offer small and midsized business owners’ peace of mind.

Cybersecurity protection includes:

  • Network Security – Customized network security solutions to fit your business’ individual needs.
  • Malware Protection – Protection from email attachments containing a virus and ransomware that threatens to lock you out of your network. Threats are detected and stopped before they strike.
  • Endpoint Securitymartphones, and tablets.
  • Cloud Security – We utilize a multi-layered strategy to protect your business across multiple platforms from phishing, zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware threats.
  • Vulnerability Management – Analyzation of normal network activity and investigation of any deviations from that baseline allows us to quickly identify emerging threats and put a stop to them before it’s too late.
  • Password Protection – The majority of security breaches occur because of weak or stolen passwords. While employee education is helpful, additional protection such as multi-factor identification is needed to protect network data.
  • Remote Work Security – User-focused security establishes advanced protection that verifies identities and devises no matter where your employees choose to work.

At ITC we strive to ensure that we provide the kind of cybersecurity protection that stays ahead of the cyber criminals. Our comprehensive solutions help to identify the risks and put protections in place that help to protect your business’ data from both known cyberattacks as well as more sophisticated threats before they are widely released giving small and midsized business owners needed peace of mind.

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