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Our Solutions:

Overhead Paging

ITC’s overhead paging solutions can increase personnel efficiency and productivity while increasing employee safety and security.

With our overhead paging services, you’ll change the way you communicate when you need to address a crowd or reach someone that’s not sitting at a desk. Overhead paging benefits are not limited to:

  • Seamless integration. Allow individuals to page from their phone, with full integration with on-site and cloud-based systems.
  • Emergency notifications. Notify your entire staff quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Multiple zone paging. Reduce disruptions within the working environment by paging only staff in areas that need an announcement.
  • Auto-sensing volume control. Using the anti-blast feature, your page and volume adjust automatically. This makes our systems ideal for areas where equipment and machinery run intermittently.
  • Background music. Music can enhance the work environment and increase productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Distributed deployment. A fully functional communication system that works between floors, buildings, and locations.


At ITC, we provide enterprise-grade, end-to-end solutions designed for years of peak operation. Our proven experience in overhead paging systems combined with commercial-grade components enables our teams to lead the market.

Never miss a beat with overhead paging systems from ITC.