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Our Solutions:

Video Surveillance

ITC offers commercial-grade video surveillance solutions that use the latest in high-definition and ultra-HD technology. Our solutions are custom designed to meet your specific needs and provide superior image quality that can be accessed from anywhere. You never have to wonder what’s going on with your property.

As a leader in the surveillance and access control marketplace, we have a proven track record of implementing enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions. We also have a strong network of hand-selected partners that help us meet your specific needs.

Benefits of video surveillance solutions from ITC include:

  • Ease-of-use and accessibility. Our intuitive software is easy to learn and use. You can view and manage live and recorded images from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Peace of mind. Your authenticated videos, photos, and audio may be used as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • Software-defined systems allow you to purchase only what you need when you need it. Our systems grow with you whether you need one camera or 100.
  • Intelligent analytics. Our systems use real-time event detection and object verification to accurately and proactively detect activity on your property. You’ll be alerted to potential problems but not bothered by expected activity, such as animal or tree movement.
  • Reduced expenses. Eliminate the need for additional cameras with high-clarity devices that allow you to view multiple areas simultaneously. This lessens hardware, cabling, and installation costs.
  • Legacy support. Have an analog camera system? No problem. You can retain your investment by joining your cameras with our systems.
  • Access control integration. Our surveillance systems integrate with access control systems so that you can use your video and access control alarm and event information to gain a comprehensive understanding of events happening on your property.

Video Analytics

Video analytics provide smarter, more preventative protection to keep valuable assets safe.

Advanced video pattern-based algorithms can accurately recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that’s not relevant.

Video is a powerful tool in all areas of business. Having the right video analytics team on your side is also crucial to your success.

Teach-by-example technology allows users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarms, which allows your system to better refine its self-learning capabilities. These sharper, smarter technologies provide greater accuracy and fewer false alarms. Just a few benefits of comprehensive video analytics include:

  • Instant and accurate object detection and classification alerts. High-definition video provides you with an unrivaled level of protection and makes it easy to single out people or objects.
  • Multi-site security. Our solutions can monitor multiple areas 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Unlike human security, digital systems don’t blink, get distracted, or walk away from their posts.


Save money without sacrificing security. Choose ITC for your video analytics.