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Our Solutions:


Today’s networks go far beyond computers and printers. We rely on door controllers, surveillance cameras, time clocks, video conferencing equipment, wireless access points, VoIP systems, and much more. This technology is crucial for day-to-day business functions. Proper installation is just as important as overall system performance.

As a Hubbell-Certified company, we invest in comprehensive training programs to ensure our techs are always up to date with today’s technology. Our structured cabling systems are designed to support network throughputs of 1Gbps to 10Gbps and use Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6A, and fiber optic cabling inside and outside of your facility.

When you invest in cabling solutions, you’ll receive:

  • Peace of mind. The Hubbell Mission Critical® program gives you peace of mind with a 25-year system guarantee on your structured cabling system installation.
  • Maximum efficiency. Will organize your IT equipment into efficient and standardized assemblies that make the most of your space.
  • 24/7 protection. We provide reliable power to ensure continual equipment performance.
  • Exceptional quality. Our systems meet or exceed industry standards for reliability and performance.

Contact ITC today to design and install an infrastructure solution that’s right for your business, and enjoy performance that meets your demands.