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ITC Unveils Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Solution 

Many of us find cybersecurity a daunting part of running a business each day. Thankfully, we have ITC to help keep our customer, vendor, and employee data safe. Our internal cyber safety measures also protect proprietary trade secrets and ensure SMBs maintain a reputation of digital integrity.  The ITC Difference  ITC recently unveiled a new […]

ITC Leads in Sustainable IT 

For more than a decade, the IT professionals at ITC have been quietly leading the green revolution by responsibly disposing of electronic parts and e-cycling others. But why are steps like this important? It means that ITC prioritizes more than just today. By focusing on green IT and sustainability, ITC is helping to cut down […]

Digital Transformation Benefits Businesses

Digital transformation simply refers to how businesses can utilize new tools and strategies to run more efficiently. It’s not simply about buying new technology but is part of a bigger picture where businesses fundamentally change their operations. There are many ways that adding technology to a business of any size can help owners and managers […]

ITC’s New Technology Keeps Businesses Booming

ITC has long been a leader in managed IT services. In keeping with that history, the company recently announced that it had invested in new technology that helps keep businesses running smoothly despite the challenges of the digital age. The Problem According to ITC, many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to maintain smooth operations regarding […]

ITC Offers Customizable Video Surveillance And Analysis Services

How do you keep an eye on success? You probably browse the books, make sure you hire the best employees, and offer the best products and services. But, if you are not currently utilizing video surveillance technology, then you are missing a bigger picture. Today, we will take a look at how video surveillance works […]

The Cloud Keeps Your Remote Workers Connected

Nearly a quarter of all Americans work from home every day. Many more do the same as part of a hybrid work schedule, a legacy left over from the pandemic. However, more than just convenience, remote work has many benefits for your business, especially when you move your workflow to the cloud. Commercial cloud solutions […]

Call Center Solutions For A Better Customer (And Employee!) Experience

When your customers dial your number, you want to ensure they have the best experience possible. That’s where call center solutions can help. Today, we take a quick look at just a few of the many benefits of our advanced call center solutions. Call Recording Call recording gives your staff the opportunity to record both […]

Disaster Recovery Restores Operations. Do You Have A Plan?

Disaster recovery is one aspect of business continuity. As a business owner or manager, it’s crucial that you understand how to assess your risk and implement a plan to get back to business as usual in the midst of an unexpected event, such as a cyber breach or Act of God. Disruptive Events There are […]

It’s Time To Review Your Business Continuity Plan

Do you know how you’ll continue to operate if major issues arise within your business? Whether it’s a digital disaster or brick-and-mortar mayhem, having a plan in place to keep your systems running and your people working is critical. Today’s post touches on the basics of business continuity and why you need a plan. What […]

Unified Communications For The Way We Do Business Today

There was once a time when the business needed little more than a room full of operators to route calls to the appropriate department. But this was clunky and often not as efficient as need be. Fortunately, technology has come leaps and bounds since then. Today’s business owners, workers, and clients need access to each […]