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ITC Offers Customizable Video Surveillance And Analysis Services

How do you keep an eye on success? You probably browse the books, make sure you hire the best employees, and offer the best products and services. But, if you are not currently utilizing video surveillance technology, then you are missing a bigger picture.

Today, we will take a look at how video surveillance works to perpetuate your success and the benefits of choosing ITC as your video surveillance and technology partner.

The Benefits Of Video Surveillance

In addition to enhancing security and loss prevention, video surveillance can also improve customer service. By allowing your managers to monitor employee interactions with customers and each other, you can ensure a positive and professional experience companywide. Further, video footage can be utilized to help address customer complaints and identify areas for improvement.

Video surveillance can also increase employee productivity. Strategic placement of cameras can deter employee theft and ensure that your staff adheres to company policies. ITC can help you strike the perfect balance between trust and technology to avoid privacy concerns and allow your employees to work autonomously.

Another benefit of video surveillance is operational optimization. ITC’s tech-driven surveillance system goes beyond simple recording. Video analytics software can analyze footage to better understand everything from queue length to product popularity and customer traffic patterns. You’ll also be able to utilize video analytics to optimize your layout, improve inventory management, and optimize staffing levels.

How To Choose The Right System

Choosing technology for your business is never easy. It is, after all, a long-term investment that can have an immediate and long-lasting effect on your bottom line. However, when you choose ITC as your video surveillance partner, you’ll reap the benefits of our intuitive software, our experts, as well as reduced expenses. Plus, our systems offer access control integration, so you will have more control over your grounds.

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact ITC today to find out how our solutions can help you monitor multiple areas using technology that never tires, never gets distracted, and never leaves its post. You’ll save money, enjoy peace of mind, and have a technology partner for life.