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ITC Looks Ahead At 2024’s Emerging Technology

The New Year is quickly approaching, and that means new technology will soon follow. Today, ITC looks ahead at a few things that business owners might become acquainted with as we get closer to rounding out the first quarter of the 21st century.


Advanced Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is a concern for businesses and individuals alike. Unfortunately, historically, online security has been challenging as online search engines, such as Google, automatically collect bits of information about user behavior online. Now, Google and other major tech conglomerates have plans to eliminate these “cookies” by the end of 2024.


Upgraded Surveillance


Surveillance is crucial for businesses that want to mitigate their risks. Each year brings new capabilities and more user-friendly audio and video surveillance products. ITC continues to stay up to date on the latest in business security.


Faster Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi 6 standards were adopted back in 2019, and Wi-Fi 7 is coming into 2024 for a major speed and security upgrade. Wi-Fi 7 is ideal for businesses that can’t afford an unreliable internet connection.


Enhanced Cloud Solutions


The “cloud” continues to integrate into our everyday lives. Not only is it a great platform for seamless gaming and collaboration, it’s also secure, cost-effective, and reliable. ITC Technologies’ staff are experts in cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Artificial Intelligence


AI is a buzzword that’s likely not going to take a backseat come 2024. Artificial intelligence offers businesses many benefits, including faster data processing and idea generation. Although people continue to be the driving force behind the technology and creativity involved in artificial intelligence, businesses can take advantage of some of its capabilities, particularly online chatbots.


2024 will be a huge year for technology. Businesses can trust ITC to continue to explore and adopt new technology to help businesses stay ahead in an ever-changing online world.


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