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ITC Unveils Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Solution 

Many of us find cybersecurity a daunting part of running a business each day. Thankfully, we have ITC to help keep our customer, vendor, and employee data safe. Our internal cyber safety measures also protect proprietary trade secrets and ensure SMBs maintain a reputation of digital integrity.  The ITC Difference  ITC recently unveiled a new […]

ITC Leads in Sustainable IT 

For more than a decade, the IT professionals at ITC have been quietly leading the green revolution by responsibly disposing of electronic parts and e-cycling others. But why are steps like this important? It means that ITC prioritizes more than just today. By focusing on green IT and sustainability, ITC is helping to cut down […]

Digital Transformation Benefits Businesses

Digital transformation simply refers to how businesses can utilize new tools and strategies to run more efficiently. It’s not simply about buying new technology but is part of a bigger picture where businesses fundamentally change their operations. There are many ways that adding technology to a business of any size can help owners and managers […]

ITC’s New Technology Keeps Businesses Booming

ITC has long been a leader in managed IT services. In keeping with that history, the company recently announced that it had invested in new technology that helps keep businesses running smoothly despite the challenges of the digital age. The Problem According to ITC, many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to maintain smooth operations regarding […]

ITC Honored as Clearfly’s Development Partner of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that ITC has been recognized as Clearfly’s Development Partner of the Year. This award is a testament to our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and driving mutual success alongside Clearfly. Over the past year, our partnership with Clearfly has been nothing short of exceptional. We’ve worked hand in hand, sharing market […]

ITC Invited To Share Expertise And Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention

ITC, a leading managed technology services provider, was recently recognized for its status as an industry leader by receiving an exclusive invitation to the Technology Assurance Group convention fir 2024. The event, the 23rd annual of its kind, takes place April 29th through May 1 in Las Vegas. The TAG convention brings together the nation’s […]

ITC Offers Customizable Video Surveillance And Analysis Services

How do you keep an eye on success? You probably browse the books, make sure you hire the best employees, and offer the best products and services. But, if you are not currently utilizing video surveillance technology, then you are missing a bigger picture. Today, we will take a look at how video surveillance works […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About AI’s Workplace Impact 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing new. After all, we have all been utilizing spell check and AutoCorrect software for years. However, we’re in the “wild West” era of artificial intelligence, and it has already begun to significantly impact workplaces both large and small.  Today, we take a quick look at five ways that AI has […]

ITC Offers VoIP Solutions That Meet The Needs Of Your Business 

Communication is essential for all businesses. It helps us share information and insight with our employees and customers, and it allows us to discuss everything from customer concerns to future growth in real time with our teams and partners who can’t be on-site.  VoIP services from ITC can help your business stay competitive, no matter […]

Participating in a Charity Golf Event to Benefit Disabled Children

At ITC, we believe in giving back to the community, which is why Keith Studt is going to be participating in the Bill Volpe Golf Tournament on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The golf tournament is hosted by The Arc of Greater Hudson Valley. The Arc of Greater Hudson Valley The Arc Greater Hudson Valley is […]