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5 Things You Didn’t Know About AI’s Workplace Impact 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing new. After all, we have all been utilizing spell check and AutoCorrect software for years. However, we’re in the “wild West” era of artificial intelligence, and it has already begun to significantly impact workplaces both large and small. 

Today, we take a quick look at five ways that AI has made its way into the world of business. 

Nearly ⅔ of employees already utilize artificial intelligence. 

It’s estimated that nearly two out of three workers utilize artificial intelligence tools each day. However,  business owners should remain diligent and know how their employees use these tools. Unregulated AI tools may leave sensitive company information at risk or may completely violate compliance standards. 

AI is a valuable cybersecurity tool, but companies may be hit with lawsuits by using artificial intelligence in the wrong way. 

Speaking of compliance standards, many states, including California and New York, have strict rules regarding how certain industries (legal, medical, etc.) use information. Employees using AI in these industries may put their employers at risk of lawsuits or fines. However, AI is fairly widely accepted in cybersecurity as it assists security experts in identifying threats, such as predatory communication. 

Artificial intelligence is learning. 

Many AI tools that have undergone years of development and continue to become “smarter” very rapidly. You might, for example, utilize Google’s Gemini tool to make tweaks to a photograph. It may then intuitively offer other suggestions on how to use your edited image to aid you in the creative process. Keep in mind, however, that artificial intelligence is not and will never be a substitute for human creativity. 

Artificial intelligence can work with other artificial intelligence. 

Many AI tools have been programmed to communicate with other tools. A step further, many of these tools have essentially self-mended deficiencies that barred them from communicating with one another in the past.  

Niche AI startups offer targeted solutions to all industries. 

No two AI tools are exactly the same, and many startups have popped up over the last few years to help solve industry-specific problems. Unfortunately, many of these businesses have and will disappear as soon as they make a name for themselves. 

Ultimately, artificial intelligence is only as good as the people behind it. Although AI can help many areas of business, people are still the backbone of the global economy, online security, and decision-making. Businesses may effectively utilize AI but are cautioned to remember that rules, human monitoring, and governance is key to successfully implementing any new tool in a business environment.