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The Cloud Keeps Your Remote Workers Connected

Nearly a quarter of all Americans work from home every day. Many more do the same as part of a hybrid work schedule, a legacy left over from the pandemic. However, more than just convenience, remote work has many benefits for your business, especially when you move your workflow to the cloud.

Commercial cloud solutions by ITC are part of a secure infrastructure that eliminates the need for daily commute. Our cloud-based systems give you and your employees secure access to your files, applications, contacts, and more from any device. Your employees can still log in when they can’t leave home, such as during emergency or weather events or even to monitor a sick child.

ITC’s cloud solutions even allow you to choose your devices. Your employees can bring their own if they prefer – many likely don’t want to carry around multiple devices. This can save you money in both hardware and software while improving convenience for those workers who need remote access to your systems.

Security Matters

If you have yet to make the switch to the cloud, you likely have security concerns. You may be surprised to learn that the cloud is often more secure than having on-site servers and computers. This is partly due to cloud providers having extensive digital security resources and the manpower to keep up with threats and technology as they emerge. The cloud utilizes strong data encryption, firewalls, prevention and detection systems, and physical security to help protect your and your customers’ valuable information.

Money Savings

Something else you may not realize about the cloud is that it’s exceedingly affordable, especially when you compare cloud costs with the expenses of purchasing and maintaining physical equipment. As a business owner, it’s also important to know that the cloud is flexible. Many services can be scaled up or down as you grow or change your business habits. Cloud computing can also help you operate on a lean IT team without sacrificing access to advancing technology and enhanced security.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most compelling reasons to move or upgrade your cloud capabilities is for enhanced disaster recovery. Since your data is not stored on multiple devices, your employees and management teams can access systems and data, even if your physical location suffers a power outage or additional security breach.

Set yourself up for success with cloud computing capabilities from ITC. Contact us today to find out how your team can work from anywhere without sacrificing anything.